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Journey to the Source I

A Pilgrimage to the Motherland of Yoga -Incredible India!

Delhi-Rishikesh-Himalayas-Taj Mahal


Amazing sacred places – Yoga Meditation – Ashram living
The HimalayasDelhi – Taj Mahal

And a comfortable, safe, travel adventure


Ukimath Basecamp
Taj Mahal

Make way to experience the profound wisdom called yoga and the wonder, beauty, and cultural richness of the place where it was born

Take time to delve into yoga meditation at a leading Ashram

Inspire yourself with a taste of the great Himalayas

See Delhi, a city with an ancient and complex history, a meeting ground of many faiths where spiritually vibrant sites can still be found.

Witness a wonder within a wonder, the Taj Mahal!


Ukimath Basecamp
Himalayan Views!
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See Shiva temples of the Himalayan range and the official start of the Ganges at Devprayag.

Delhi, Taj Mahal, as well as rivers, mountains, village life and temples with their mysterious and serene vibrations will be experienced.  Opportunities to learn and deepen yoga/meditation practice will also enhance your journey.


Multiple dates are available, and arranged to your schedule.

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