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How about you! If you are a yoga teacher, minister or other kind of educator with happy students that want to discover India with you, we would love to help.
We also draw from a loving network of experts in the fields of yoga/meditation, philosophy, theology, education, art, and literature that are available to expand your knowledge and joy of what you experience. Here are a few in the pool (not exclusive)

Geza M. Timcak

Geza M TimcakGeza Timcak is co-founder of Savita Yoga, a school and system that unites traditional yoga with the power of ancient mantras and live Savita Music ( Its aim is to bring practitioners closer to the true spiritual center of being.

Geza is a certified holotropic breathwork facilitator with decades of experience in training people of various personal and cultural backgrounds. He has been instructed in yoga and meditation by European, Indian and Taiwanese masters and has travelled widely in pursuit of his yoga sadhana. For the last decades – apart from Savita Yoga – he facilitates yoga, human potential development and transpersonal courses throughout Europe. He is the author of a number of books and papers on yoga and related subjects

Swami Ma Radha Bharati

Swami Ma Radha Bharati Photo
Ma Radha Bharati, American name Donna-Marie Anderson, has extensive experience in teaching ethics and East-West Comparative Philosophy (University of Hawaii) as well as in administrative planning and policy development. She was initiated by Swami Veda Bharati and Swami Rama of the Himalayas in 1971. Since then, she has studied and practiced the Himalayan Tradition in the United States and India. Swami Radha travels widely teaching, guiding, and inspiring aspirants with her gentle power of commitment to practice and study. She serves as the Academic Director at Swami Rama Sadhaka Grama in India and as spiritual guide at the Meditation Center in Minneapolis Minnesota. She took vows of renunciation (sannyas) Nov 29, 2007

Jagadananda (Dr. Jan Brzezinski)

Jagadanana Das (Jagat)

Jagadananda Das, a.k.a. Jan K. Brzezinksi, a.k.a. Hiranyagarbha Das (b. 1950), studied comparative religious studies and the history of religions at McGill University (Canada) getting top honors. In 1988 he was awarded the Commonwealth Scholarship to study for his doctorate at the School of Oriental and African Studies, which had a special relationship with the Vrindavan Research Institute (India). In 1992 he was awarded a Ph.D. in Sanskrit Literature.

His studies had been inspired by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and immersion, study and service in the ISKCON organization which he joined in 1970. He was also deeply influenced by Lalita Prasad Thakur from whom he took diksha (initiation) and was given the name Jagadananda Das.

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